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Dimplex QXD Quartzray Heaters


Dimplex QXD3000E QXD Range Black LOT20 Compliant Wall Mounting Quartz Heater With Bluetooth Remote Controlled 7 Day Timer + Temperature Control, Electronic Thermostat & Ruby Lamp 1.5kW H:380mm x L:440mm x D:70mm

The QXD3000E uses short wave infra-red to heat people, not air. Quartz heaters are the energy efficient choice for heating areas where it would not be practical or cost effective to raise the overall ambient temperature. The QXDE range features the ruby red halogen lamp, giving a warm glow, and can be selected in 1.5kW, 3kW and 4.5kW outputs.

The QXD3000E features an electronic thermostat for temperature-based lamp power on. The QXDE also features a built-in 7 day timer which can be set-up and activated via Bluetooth remote.


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