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Dimplex MFP150W Monterey White Radiator Styled Panel Heater With Thermostat IPX4 1.5kW H:536mm x W:741mm x D:104mm


Dimplex MFP150W Monterey White Radiator Styled Panel Heater With Thermostat IPX4 1.5kW H:536mm x W:741mm x D:104mm Visit Our Sister Site
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Manufacturer Information

   Code MFP150W

Dimplex MFP150W Monterey White Radiator Styled Panel Heater With Thermostat IPX4 1.5kW H:536mm x W:741mm x D:104mm

With energy management, the Monterey has a more traditional radiator styling but with a modern twist. Subtle, vertical contouring gently defines the shape and with its white finish, theres a strong hint of a contemporary edge.

High levels of control are built-in as standard with a sophisticated thermostat accurate to an impressive +/-0.3C, but if an even higher level is needed, there is a selection of optional control programmers that just plug-in to a socket in the back of each heater.

Alternatively, there is a central control option using the Dimplex 4-zone central programmer through either pilot wire or mains borne signalling.

Whatever level of control is required, the new Dimplex Monterey range provides a sophisticated heating solution that is easy to install with virtually no on-going maintenance.

Energy saving features

  • Electronic thermostatic control, providing room temperature stability to +/-0.3C.

  • Range of optional plug-in electronic timer modules, including:
    24 hour digital timer
    Single-zone pilot wire programmer
    Runback timer

  • Compatible with Dimplex 4-zone, wall mounted pilot wire and mains borne signalling multiheater programmers.

Other features

  • Contemporary design.

  • Convected heat for rapid warm up.

  • Silent operation.

  • Pre-set background temperature at 5C below thermostat setting.*

  • Splash-proof (IPX4) rated, for use in bathroom or wet areas.

* When connected to a programming unit supporting setback feature.

Electronic Control
Dimplex Monterey electronic panel heaters feature highly accurate electronic thermostats, providing superior comfort and operating efficiency.

As the room temperature nears the desired set point, power to the elements is reduced, and the room temperature closely monitored to an accuracy of less than 0.3C, minimising overshoot and temperature drift, resulting in better energy-efficiency and user comfort.

Thermostat control
User selection of room temperature from 5C (frost protection) to 30C using slider control. Slider can be locked in position if required.

Power controls and indicators
Soft-touch on/off button, together with indicators showing when power to heater is on and when element is operating.

Plug-in control modules (optional)
A range of optional plug-in control modules, which can be removed from the heater for easy programming, provide the flexibility to meet a wide range of control specifications:

  • 24-hour Digital Timer (RX24TI) - 1 timer required per heater. Provides 24 hour programmable on/off control.

  • Single Zone, Pilot Wire Programmer (RXPW1) - Controls up to 10 slave heaters linked via pilot wire. Provides 7 day programmable on/off control.

  • Runback Timer (RXRBTi) - 1 timer required per heater. Provides installer programmable runback time up to 4 hours (in 30 min increments). Can be locked into heater.

Multi-zone Control
Compatible with Dimplex 4-zone pilot wire and mains borne signalling controllers. (RX9913 receivers required for MBS system).

Electronic type, accurate to +/- 0.3C.

Compact, finned, mineral-filled sheathed type, providing silent operation.

Thermal Cut-out
Auto reset type.

Durable epoxy-polyester powder coated steel casing, with upward facing grille. Temperature resistant PBT thermoplastic moulded parts.

White front, back, grille and plastic parts.

Supplied with metal wall bracket.

Electrical Connections
1.0m, 4 core cable (live, neutral, earth, pilot) supplied fitted to each heater.

IP Rating
Splashproof IPX4.

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Dimensions and Loadings

Model No.

Colour Loading Height Width (A) Depth (B) X X1 Weight
MFP050W White 0.5kW 536mm 503mm 104mm 390mm 168.5mm 12kg
MFP075W White 0.75kW 536mm 503mm 104mm 390mm 168.5mm 12kg
MFP100W White 1.0kW 536mm 671mm 104mm 560mm 338.5mm 15kg
MFP150W White 1.5kW 536mm 741mm 104mm 630mm 408.5mm 17.5kg
MFP200W White 2.0kW 536mm 911mm 104mm 800mm 578.5mm 22kg